When I see a lot of my friends share anti-Amir Khan messages on their FB walls and keep spreading messages on Whatsapp to boycott his or Shahrukh Khan’s movies, I can’t help but wonder how many of them really took the time out to watch the entire interview, judge the mood and context, Aamir Khan’s tone and body language, his words preceding and following the “leaving India” statement.

It’s pointless discussing what he said or didn’t say. The video attached at the end of this article says it all.

I don’t have very high respect for the brains of a majority of our celebrities. Nor am I smitten by Aamir Khan’s charm and popularity. But he is one of very few actors in the country who is invited to “serious events” where brains are required. The Ramnath Goenka Journalism Awards where Amir unleashed this “terrible tragedy” on our country was one such event.

What disturbs me more is that these friends of mine are highly educated (having passed out from some of the top engineering and management institutions), “very informed” (from watching all English prime time debates) and socio-politically active (Bihar election numbers and financial numbers are discussed with equal gusto). How can they be so quick in passing judgement like the millions of idiots who now have the power of internet to spread the sound their empty brains make?

What’s popular need not be right!

But this is social media, where hate comes easy. The less complicated an issue is made, the better it is. Grey is a bad colour; black and white are easy to discern!

Where perfect idiots and hate mongers like Subramanian Swamy has thousands of shares and comments of approval for each of his posts. Where passing a judgement is as easy as hitting a like, or hitting a forward. Where your never-ending timeline doesn’t let you ponder over anything for more than a few fleeting seconds. You have to make up your mind, enlighten the world with a quick comment and move on to the write “Awwww…cho cute” for some baby’s photo.

And you have wonderfully contributed in trashing someone for no reason, furthering a dubious cause, falling for a propaganda.


Oh, by the way, here is the complete video of Aamir Khan’s interview, not a mish-mash of pieces ripped out by popular media channels.






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