The Great Indian Failways

Every time I travel the Indian Railways (which thankfully I do not use very often these days after successfully convincing my mother that not all cars on the highway are run over by trucks), I am amazed by how little this anachronistic monster has changed in all these years. It is still a moving museum, a piece of Byzantine art that, in spite of all our talk on modernity, of scientific and technological prowess or our rise as a ‘superpower’, simply refuses to change, a few model rakes, bio-toilets and the engine-less train-18 notwithstanding. It is justifiably an embodiment of everything that is wrong in this country. A grim reminder of our abject lack of creativity and our unwillingness to shake off the colonial past that has stuck to us as much as our murdered, disfigured English.

The Loss of Inheritance!

Last Monday morning, back from a weekend sojourn the previous night, I sit along with my kid at the dining table, the day’s TOI splayed beside our is-there-nothing-better-today breakfast of omelette and toast. As the crust crumbles under a bite,… Continue Reading →

Ah Roger!

Can one go on forever? Won’t the fire in the belly cool down and age take its toll no matter how ageless you might seem? Won’t the unforgiving body-clock ask you to step down, to let others have their turn… Continue Reading →

Happy Teachers’ Day, I wish myself!

It’s the Teachers’ Day, they remind me again on a distracting day of tense US Open. It’s the day to appear in happy selfies, when you are wished by your students either with the bare minimum triplet, or with an outpouring of heart, reminding you of their first encounter or lesson that you strain hard to recall. It’s the day when, sometimes, an unblown cake bearing your name falls prey to a transparent plastic knife.

The Artificial Dumbness!

Man is born intelligent and stays so until it learns enough to be a dumb Years back, in Pune, we had an affectionate Tamil neighbour who we called ‘Didi’. My wife and I spent a good deal of time in… Continue Reading →

A ‘Sustainable’ Greed!

Not until I landed in the US (that was close to two decades back) did I truly realize the magnitude of that country’s obsession with consumption and use-and-throw items. With hardly any domestic help unlike India, everything was designed around… Continue Reading →

The Innocent Gun

People kill people. Guns don’t.

True. Packed with harmless powders lying lazily behind cold metal, they are just a little device of  hammers and springs that doesn’t do anything on its own. Sold in swanky showrooms where they are laid out enticingly under the glare of piercing lights that reflect off their polished bodies, they are just as innocuous as your shiny figurine of the Spider man. Yep, they are slick, super sexy toys. Big men love them. Kids love them. They are cool to have

India to Malaysia (especially from Bhubaneswar to Malaysia): All You Ever Wanted to Know

Looking for authentic information about Malaysia, I realized it’s easy to find details on Attractions or places to visit, but very difficult to find info on critical travel requirements. Plus very few sites put everything together at one place. Even… Continue Reading →

What only a father knows!

Have you ever been in love with a girl who couldn’t do anything properly? Have you ever madly craved for someone so ‘incomplete’ and ‘incompetent’? She couldn’t walk a foot without staggering or falling down. She does not even have… Continue Reading →

Where are the Teachers?

They ask you what made you make such a decision. Why a teacher when you can do ‘much better’? You have the answer, but you know in your heart it won’t satisfy them. You smile and stay silent. They scramble… Continue Reading →

The Selfish Samaritan

The journey so far had been good. The AC inside the car hissed smoothly, hemming the soft music that flowed out of the cold speakers concealed behind tiny hexagonal holes. Outside, a light rain needled the road ahead, pricking watery… Continue Reading →

Six less talked about mistakes that MBA aspirants frequently commit

Couple of years back I was in the same boat as many of today’s MBA aspirants are. Today, as a professor, I sit on the other side of the table taking GDs and Interviews of aspirants who are in search for… Continue Reading →

SUM Hospital Today. Some Hospital Tomorrow.

It was disgusting to watch the news hour debate with Arnab (who I don’t have any liking for, but for a change was spot on), especially our wonderful ex-minister and govt. spokesperson Mr. SN Patro who had his foot firmly… Continue Reading →

Pak, Politics and Public

I have been following the current tirade in the media and social media fervently for the last week, following India’s surgical strike across LOC as a response to Uri terrorist attack from the border. The following stand out: 1. On… Continue Reading →

India, don’t get so worked up over Odisha’s Dana Majhi, the man who carried his dead wife for 10 km

A friend Whatsapps me yesterday on a group asking “What’s this new shame?” What shame? I don’t watch much of these idiotic news channels anyway. But apparently the video of the man was looping across all national news channels ad… Continue Reading →

Who to blame for India’s sporting mediocrity?

“It’s insane! Just simply insane. I would never attempt it.” It’s close to 12 am on 14th of August, well past my usual bedtime. As the night awaits to creep into me, the muscles of my temple are on overdrive… Continue Reading →

Discussing Binary Numbers with a Seven-year Old Kid!

“Papa, come sit with me for breakfast,” my seven-year old son studying in standard two asks me on a cloudy Sunday morning. On holidays I usually let him oversleep, to make it up for my tortures on school days —… Continue Reading →

Falling in Love All Over Again!

As I stand outside the modest labour room separated from my wife by a dark green screen, an aluminium door and a thick curtain of apprehension, I feel a numbness spreading from my chest. I know it’s a decent hospital, and… Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Four Wheeled Animal

Couple of months back, a friend posted a compilation of bike accidents (none of the clips seemed to have been shot in our country) where you could see how the bikers were tossed into the air like roomali roti or… Continue Reading →

Toys are not for playing! (Part – I)

I have no memory of toys. Well, except for a green-yellow guitar (it’s the size of a large spatula that cost me a huge forty rupees in the village fair and earned me several reprimands from mother for wasting away… Continue Reading →

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