A ‘Sustainable’ Greed!

Not until I landed in the US (that was close to two decades back) did I truly realize the magnitude of that country’s obsession with consumption and use-and-throw items. With hardly any domestic help unlike India, everything was designed around… Continue Reading →

ShutAPP: Why Nobody is Talking about Access Neutrality?

Figure this. You enter a shop and the shopkeeper tells you bluntly, “Sir, you’ve got to come in a suit. I am not selling you otherwise”. How would that make you feel? A few days back, I attempted buying something… Continue Reading →

Six Life’s Lessons to Learn Even from Aircel: The Most Horrific Telecom Brand in India

Learning these lessons is far stronger if you happen to be in Aircel Odisha Circle. I must profusely thank Aircel that has over the last 1.5 months taught me so much to last me a lifetime. I have emerged from this… Continue Reading →

I Buy What You Can’t Sell

“Does it have a SiRF III chip inside?” I ask. The poor sales guy thought for a while and then said, “Sir sirf chip nahin hai…GPS bhi hai. Par kitna chip hai maloom nahin“. I didn’t know what to say. Well,… Continue Reading →

The Art of Being an Apple

The more I think about it, the more intriguing it becomes. How on earth can a company get everything – just about everything – right, in the mind-mindbogglingly complex world of consumer electronics, with established deep-pocketed players, a demanding and… Continue Reading →

The Curious Case of Lux Cozi

As I type these letters from my dirt-covered keyboard (did you know that keyboards are among the dirtiest places in a household, next only to the toilet?), I am not sure whether I want to write this post at all…. Continue Reading →

The Business of Tragedy

As most of us seated on their drawing room sofas watched with horror the terrible turn of events unfold on the tv screen and read from the internet real-life terror accounts of survivors – for whom clock had stopped inside… Continue Reading →

How Brands Burn Your Money

The other day, I was reading an article on how to cut down on expenses, in one of the weekend issues of Time of India. The author talked at length about how you should shop fewer times in a month,… Continue Reading →

Escape? My foot!

While flipping through the morning Times of India, I chanced upon an ad by Hutch. The newly-wed company with its peppermint-fresh vigour had put an ad on Blackberry phones – the dainty little wide black device that promises to unload… Continue Reading →

Beyond Google!

Many of you would know that our Honourable Railways Minister Mr. Lalu Prasad (the ‘Yadav’ part seems to have been given a miss deliberately, for reasons I am blissfully unaware of) paid a visit to the Mecca of Indian Management… Continue Reading →

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