Mangalajodi in Odisha: The Unknown Best Place in India for Bird Watching

If you love the winged creature, there is one place you must head to. Mangalajodi in Odisha. Tucked away in a corner of the Khurda district and overpowered by the majestic deep blue waters of the ravishing Chilika lake, the… Continue Reading →

11 myths about Odisha

First, I hate this title. It looks so much like those meaningless viral posts that collectively must be wasting giga-hours of netizens’ time, almost to the point of criminality if you look at the number of views and shares they… Continue Reading →

Love Is Still the Most Underestimated Thing in the World!

I have a colleague who always gets unfair treatment. The guards at the office gate salute him (the only other people the guards salute are the ones who are ‘powerful’ enough to decide the guards’ fate). When there is no… Continue Reading →

The Story of Mastani

She felt death crawling over her. She could not twitch or move a finger because she felt no control over her limbs. A cold grip held her tightly, pinning her down whenever she attempted to get up. She felt sedated…. Continue Reading →

Aamir Khan Row: How social media makes fanatics out of perfectly sane people!

When I see a lot of my friends share anti-Amir Khan messages on their FB walls and keep spreading messages on Whatsapp to boycott his or Shahrukh Khan’s movies, I can’t help but wonder how many of them really took… Continue Reading →

The Temasek Village and the Bloody Indians

Sample this: A group of very loud Indians crowd the lobby, climb over one another inside a circular cane chair that looked particularly photo-worthy, take many pictures, selfies and groupfies and whatnot. One of them, a pot-bellied middle-aged guy in… Continue Reading →

When was the last time you felt Alive?

When was the last time you cycled in the rain on a deserted road? And drank rain water off a leaf. When was the last time you beat the sun and saw it slide up on the sky, while you sat… Continue Reading →

The Digital Dehumanization

In the last visit to my hometown, I witnessed something less usual. While I was out shopping in the market with my father, I had chance meetings with several people; people who I hadn’t met in the last fifteen years…. Continue Reading →

Short Autobiography of a Whatsapping Man!

There was a time when we just loved some people at the parties because they had an inexhaustible supply of jokes to keep everyone entertained. When we made greetings cards for close friends, visited them or at least called them on… Continue Reading →

ShutAPP: Why Nobody is Talking about Access Neutrality?

Figure this. You enter a shop and the shopkeeper tells you bluntly, “Sir, you’ve got to come in a suit. I am not selling you otherwise”. How would that make you feel? A few days back, I attempted buying something… Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Criminal

In the grind and mundaneness of our daily lives, we often forget that there is so much joy in the little things that we ignore each day. And sometimes, we are reminded that we didn’t realize things that are always around us… Continue Reading →

Happiness doesn’t Come in Square Feet

I had promised my kid that come summer vacation, I would take him to a village. A real village. Not the road side settlements behind a few trees on the fringes of towns. So off we went to a place… Continue Reading →

My MBA. My Degree. My Choice.

My MBA, My degree, My choice. Whether I join the college through CAT or MAT, or XAT or any damn “AT”. Or all of the above. My choice. Don’t judge my degree based on which exam score was used. I… Continue Reading →

Odisha Maritime Museum: The Intrepid Seafarers of Kalinga and their Forgotten Legacy

The Maritime Museum at Cuttack is a fitting testimony to Odisha’s glorious maritime past. Built at the site of a factory that produced large forged iron equipment during the British era, today the museum is home to several rare artifacts including… Continue Reading →

Living in Death

I lie quietly on the bed. Fan whirring over my head. Leaves rustling outside the window. My ailing wife feebly groaning by my side. I can still hear them all, clear and crisp. I can still feel that I am… Continue Reading →

The Killer: A Story

I woke up to a steaming paper cup lowered over my face. Through the slender fingers from which the rolled and waxed paper cylinder suspended, I looked up at the woman towering over me, her slight face cupped in the… Continue Reading →

20 hours, 300 seconds: A day in IIM Ahmedabad

A blatantly inconsiderate sound pierced through my subconscious mind was relishing a happy, though entirely impossible, incident. The slides, playing somewhere on a little screen in the intricate alleys of the brain, were switched off in a flash and a… Continue Reading →

Why Salman Khan is Saying Nothing but the Truth in the Hit-and-run Case

People are mean. They pass judgement too quickly. Quicker than the time it took Salman to get down from the vehicle from the driver’s side and stand on the other side like a little innocent child who failed to sharpen… Continue Reading →

Mumbai Local

It was pitch-dark below the belly of the A-320. Some twinkling lights occasionally tried in vain to illuminate what seemed like a vast expanse of molten pitch. I was shivering in 22 degrees inside the metal-fibre frame, though comfortably insulated… Continue Reading →

Six Life’s Lessons to Learn Even from Aircel: The Most Horrific Telecom Brand in India

Learning these lessons is far stronger if you happen to be in Aircel Odisha Circle. I must profusely thank Aircel that has over the last 1.5 months taught me so much to last me a lifetime. I have emerged from this… Continue Reading →

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