Short Stories

The Brahma-Rakshasi and the Lily Pond

One of the beauties of childhood is that you believe in too many things. You believe that one day you can fly if someone gave you enough bird feathers or you can swim if you ate ants or that all… Continue Reading →

The Killer: A Story

I woke up to a steaming paper cup lowered over my face. Through the slender fingers from which the rolled and waxed paper cylinder suspended, I looked up at the woman towering over me, her slight face cupped in the… Continue Reading →

20 hours, 300 seconds: A day in IIM Ahmedabad

A blatantly inconsiderate sound pierced through my subconscious mind was relishing a happy, though entirely impossible, incident. The slides, playing somewhere on a little screen in the intricate alleys of the brain, were switched off in a flash and a… Continue Reading →

Mumbai Local

It was pitch-dark below the belly of the A-320. Some twinkling lights occasionally tried in vain to illuminate what seemed like a vast expanse of molten pitch. I was shivering in 22 degrees inside the metal-fibre frame, though comfortably insulated… Continue Reading →

The Night of Blood Suckers

As the age of night grows and the whistle of the night watchman falls silent, time plays hide and seek games with you. If you are still awake, that is. I tell you, time is a slippery cunning bastard. It… Continue Reading →


Their Heaven lay in front of them, at the edge of my world. They saw and ran for it simultaneously. As if their life depended on it. Who doesn’t want a piece of the Heaven anyway? The thin ran faster… Continue Reading →

The Uncivilized Man!

The muddy amber back light in the shape of a rounded square flashed through my windscreen as I waited at the signal. The rusting wood-metal body of a weathered truck stood in front of me, its tattered tires motionless on the grey… Continue Reading →

Kutte, Main Tera Khoon Pee Jaunga!

The other day while listening to Radio Mirchi, I heard that Dharmendra, our dhishoom-dhishoom Bollywood megastar of yore, along with his two sons, Sunny and Bobby, had come to Gujarat for a film shooting. Well, so? So, all the perpetually… Continue Reading →

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