The Digital Dehumanization

In the last visit to my hometown, I witnessed something less usual. While I was out shopping in the market with my father, I had chance meetings with several people; people who I hadn’t met in the last fifteen years…. Continue Reading →

Short Autobiography of a Whatsapping Man!

There was a time when we just loved some people at the parties because they had an inexhaustible supply of jokes to keep everyone entertained. When we made greetings cards for close friends, visited them or at least called them on… Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Criminal

In the grind and mundaneness of our daily lives, we often forget that there is so much joy in the little things that we ignore each day. And sometimes, we are reminded that we didn’t realize things that are always around us… Continue Reading →

Happiness doesn’t Come in Square Feet

I had promised my kid that come summer vacation, I would take him to a village. A real village. Not the road side settlements behind a few trees on the fringes of towns. So off we went to a place… Continue Reading →

Living in Death

I lie quietly on the bed. Fan whirring over my head. Leaves rustling outside the window. My ailing wife feebly groaning by my side. I can still hear them all, clear and crisp. I can still feel that I am… Continue Reading →

Uncivilized I want to stay!

My four-year-old loves to flip through the pictures of birds and animals. He asks me questions about who could eat whom or who would win if there was a fight between two. These hypothetical questions can be difficult to answer,… Continue Reading →

Who Died a Dog’s Death?

While driving back home from college after a long day today, I saw from a distance a white mass lying on the road. A polythene bag might have been dragged in by wind from somewhere, I first thought. Or may… Continue Reading →

Happy Women’s Day

You are the origin of life, but also the biggest killer of the male species. You embody love, harmony and peace,  and yet you are one of the primordial reasons why men fight. You feed men and yet leave them… Continue Reading →


Their Heaven lay in front of them, at the edge of my world. They saw and ran for it simultaneously. As if their life depended on it. Who doesn’t want a piece of the Heaven anyway? The thin ran faster… Continue Reading →

The Uncivilized Man!

The muddy amber back light in the shape of a rounded square flashed through my windscreen as I waited at the signal. The rusting wood-metal body of a weathered truck stood in front of me, its tattered tires motionless on the grey… Continue Reading →

FCB (Don’t tell me you don’t know what it is)

I am tired of feminists. Of their incessant ranting and fuming about how inconsiderate we men are. How all men are the same (dogs of the same breed?). How they have robbed women of their rightful place in history and… Continue Reading →

The Pune Rains

I apprehensively looked out of the smoky double-glass window of my AC Chair car compartment lest I should miss my station. The almost opaque glass helped little to see and make out the place that came on and went by… Continue Reading →

Beyond Google!

Many of you would know that our Honourable Railways Minister Mr. Lalu Prasad (the ‘Yadav’ part seems to have been given a miss deliberately, for reasons I am blissfully unaware of) paid a visit to the Mecca of Indian Management… Continue Reading →

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