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While flipping through the morning Times of India, I chanced upon an ad by Hutch. The newly-wed company with its peppermint-fresh vigour had put an ad on Blackberry phones – the dainty little wide black device that promises to unload your inbox right into your palm. So, what is the big deal? Yeah it does that. In fact it does quite well. But so?

So, I looked a bit more at the half-page ad, trying to digest the selling proposition. And what a proposition it was! “Escape from office” cried the bold line at the bottom. Are you kidding me? Blackberries are one of the most ubiquitous ways of hooking an employee to his/her job. To his/her office. People don’t use Blackberries primarily for dating or gaming. Or to check their Gmail or Yahoo! mail. They use it to access their office mailbox on the go. To update their bosses of the number of heartbeats they beat. The number of breaths they breathe. And of course the number of mails they read!

And see what this stupid ad says – “Escape from office”! Hah…if these marketers and ad agencies had their way, they would one day sell my kid a shaving kit. “You will need it when you grow up!”, is probably what they are going to say.

Grow up guys! Seriously.

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