You are the origin of life, but also the biggest killer of the male species. You embody love, harmony and peace,  and yet you are one of the primordial reasons why men fight. You feed men and yet leave them so hungry. You might be smaller in size, but have hearts far bigger and eyes far deeper. You cry over a broken eyeliner, but bury the deepest pains inside and smile. You are a man’s greatest weakness, and yet his biggest source of strength.

You are a bundle of charming incongruities.

You drive really slow on fast lane. You break into giggles over silly things. You wet your cheeks over stupid romantic movies. You often do what you don’t really mean. You mean ‘yes’ when you say a ‘no’. You don’t say anything when you desperately want to say a ‘yes’. You shop till we drop, and you talk till we go pop!

You are sometimes the irritant, the beautiful trouble. And yet the panacea.

You give us the weekend columns and the the prime time serials. You make us notice beauty. You teach us love. And forgiveness. They don’t probably realize, but you make Women’s Day so meaningless. Because it’s you that brings men into the world and make them more men each day.

You continue to be the fairer sex in an unfair world.

Happy Women’s day to the most enigmatic gender known to mankind. Oops, human beings!

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