My MBA, My degree, My choice.

Whether I join the college through CAT or MAT, or XAT or any damn “AT”. Or all of the above. My choice. Don’t judge my degree based on which exam score was used. I am an MBA and that’s good enough.

Whether I open my mouth during admission GD or just stare blankly at the interviewer. My choice. Whether I prepare my entire bachelors course or just read the text on my T-shirt. My choice. To trap me during interview is like behaving as if you are the only B-school in the world. Remember, you are my choice. I am not your privilege. Just by calling me to an interview, you can’t halt the expansion of my applications. Not even after taking my deposit money. For AICTE is on my side and I will get it back.

Whether I attend the class in slippers or just sleep over it; whether I come at 7:59, exactly at 8:00 or stroll in leisurely at 8:15. My choice. Measuring my attendance daily and debarring me from exam if I fall short can’t suppress my soaring spirit.

Whether I cover my notebook and make floral patterns on it while my books lie naked, my choice. Whether I take notes or use the notebook only to escape questions in the class. Or just scribble the last page with sketches of profs or new designs for mehndi. My choice. To read or not read the book. To read the book before, during or after the exam. My choice. To highlight the important parts with pen, highlighter or just by folding the pages and make the book look like an exotic flower. My choice. I can choose to use my books as paperweight, table for eating cup-o-noodles, dumbbell or a weapon for attack. My choice. Don’t judge me if you see my book pages at a neighbourhood bhelpuri wallah. I have my slides and that is all I need.

My hostel life is mine. Whether I eat the mess food or sustain on Maggies. My choice. To screw the college network or just use my dongle to download movies. To shave for the placement or a date. Or not shave at all. My choice. Don’t judge me by what App I use for buying my clothes, whether Jabong, YepMe or Flipkart. Or whether I buy during the lecture or outside. My choice.

Whether I prepare the case study or come to class after only studying my face in the mirror. My choice. To do group assignments together or just divide-and-join. To finish my assignment from Google search’s first page or go to page number 2,3 and 4. My choice. Don’t get worked up if I ask you for that one mark. Your one mark is my full grade. Your one absence is my one supplementary. Your rules are my pain. Your lectures, my one full movie.

My mobile is like my alter ego. I would stay with me in the class no matter what your rule says. I might switch it off, make it silent or make it sound “vroo vroo” in the class. My choice. Don’t be fooled if I look attentive inside the class. I can check Whatsapp messages from 20 groups, update my status and change my DP at 15 minute intervals all the while listening to the class lecture. To take selfies from 1 inch away or one foot, to look okay or weird; My choice. Don’t blame my front camera megapixel for that.

To hide the parchi in the toilet, in person, under the desk, or just write some damn text on the table; my choice. Whether font size 2 or 15. They don’t have a size for my copy. My parchis are like my fingerprints. They make me unique.

Whether I properly balance my balance sheet or just randomly insert a suspicious account. My choice. Whether I understand cloud computing or get completely clouded while computing. My choice. Don’t be upset if I understand finance only when I pay fines or understand Economics only while treating friends. I am not wrong, even if I take a wrong elective and suffer sleepless nights. I can choose to empathize with the the number on the left hand side of my grade’s decimal point. Or give up completely and listen to Altaf Raja instead. My choice.

Remember, I am the MBA. I am the bond, whether or not I understand bonds. The “know-it-all” post-graduate, infinite in every direction. For I have in me all elements of the Universe, drilled into me in my first year. From Marketing to Finance and from IT to Operations. Even HR.

I might remember half of what I studied by the time I join the job. Or just the Johari window, and 2 out of 7 P’s of marketing.

Or only what “MBA” stands for. This is my choice!

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