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Chal Meri Luna

While cycling back home from a morning cycling trip to the Bhubaneswar Golf Club, I passed a Luna overloaded with gunny sacks hanging on its slender sides, moving up a slope. I was slow, tired as I was from over… Continue Reading →

You Will Never Notice Today!

Did you notice that I am not really sleeping, even if I am halfway into my sleep? I am listening to your feet movements. I am guessing your location from the pressure on the bed-sheet and keeping myself ready to turn… Continue Reading →

Waking up to a Different Morning

One morning, I wake up not to the hoarse sound of concrete mixers and diesel generators, but to birds tweeting and chirping invisibly atop the trees around my house. Sitting on the verandah, I see squirrels scurry about, pausing at little fruits dropped… Continue Reading →

The Night of Blood Suckers

As the age of night grows and the whistle of the night watchman falls silent, time plays hide and seek games with you. If you are still awake, that is. I tell you, time is a slippery cunning bastard. It… Continue Reading →

Games Corporate People Play

The Corporate World is a slippery slope. It’s where the big mostly eats up the small and the shrewd eats up the naive. There is competition, all right, but not always fair. I hear many complain about the politics at… Continue Reading →

I Buy What You Can’t Sell

“Does it have a SiRF III chip inside?” I ask. The poor sales guy thought for a while and then said, “Sir sirf chip nahin hai…GPS bhi hai. Par kitna chip hai maloom nahin“. I didn’t know what to say. Well,… Continue Reading →

Cibaca, Binaca and Ameen Sayani…

I am not feeling quite well today. Woke up in the middle of the night and not able to sleep anymore. But just before I woke up, I was having a dream. Of listening to music in my old Philips two-in-one. After waking… Continue Reading →

The Art of Being an Apple

The more I think about it, the more intriguing it becomes. How on earth can a company get everything – just about everything – right, in the mind-mindbogglingly complex world of consumer electronics, with established deep-pocketed players, a demanding and… Continue Reading →

Illogical Involuntaries

I tore open the packet hoping nothing except what I know it contained. As I was about to throw the envelope into the trash can, a neatly folded paper floated out, settling quickly onto the floor. I picked it up… Continue Reading →

Are You Successful?

How do you really define “Success”? What do people mean when they say someone is successful? Do they mean that the person they call “successful” has reached a certain threshold that they aspire to reach themselves? Or there is an… Continue Reading →

The Curious Case of Lux Cozi

As I type these letters from my dirt-covered keyboard (did you know that keyboards are among the dirtiest places in a household, next only to the toilet?), I am not sure whether I want to write this post at all…. Continue Reading →

When Most Things Matter No More

You look at the clock. It’s 5 minutes to 10. You know you have five minutes to gather yourself, draw the legs of your pressed pair of trousers upon yourself, wrap the trouser waist around the striped shirt hanging loose… Continue Reading →


Their Heaven lay in front of them, at the edge of our world. They saw it at the same time and ran for it like their life depended on it. Because who doesn’t want to grab a piece of the… Continue Reading →

The Uncivilized Man!

The muddy amber back light in the shape of a rounded square flashed through my windscreen as I waited at the signal. The rusting wood-metal body of a weathered truck stood in front of me, its tattered tires motionless on the grey… Continue Reading →

The Business of Tragedy

As most of us seated on their drawing room sofas watched with horror the terrible turn of events unfold on the tv screen and read from the internet real-life terror accounts of survivors – for whom clock had stopped inside… Continue Reading →

Memories of a Grandfather

Exactly one year ago, after my dinner at night, my mother had called me to say that my grandfather is probably no more. She used the world “probably” to lessen the shock it would have on me, because last time… Continue Reading →

Living a Matchstick’s Life

All human beings are like matchsticks. Lined up in the womb you wait for the day, when you slither through the anatomy of your mother into the world and take up a unique role in the crowd. Much like a stick… Continue Reading →

How Brands Burn Your Money

The other day, I was reading an article on how to cut down on expenses, in one of the weekend issues of Time of India. The author talked at length about how you should shop fewer times in a month,… Continue Reading →

Preparing for Cracking the CAT (Common Admission Test)

I think CAT is somewhat a game. It is not entirely a test of intelligence. Neither is it a test of your memory. It is a tricky two hour game where you need to be alert, agile and cool. Believe… Continue Reading →

CAT Related Questions and Answers

–Updated on 25th January 2017. Following are answers to some of the frequently asked questions. I have encountered this questions myself and here is what I think you should do. Q. Which books to refer? A. There is an overwhelming… Continue Reading →

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