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When was the last time you felt Alive?

When was the last time you cycled in the rain on a deserted road? And drank rain water off a leaf. When was the last time you beat the sun and saw it slide up on the sky, while you sat… Continue Reading →

Uncivilized I want to stay!

My three-year old kid loves birds and animals, like everyone his age does. But he also asks me questions on who could eat whom or who would win if there was a fight between two. These hypothetical questions are difficult… Continue Reading →

Living a Matchstick’s Life

All human beings are like matchsticks. Lined up in the womb you wait for the day, when you slither through the anatomy of your mother into the world and take up a unique role in the crowd. Much like a stick… Continue Reading →

How Brands Burn Your Money

The other day, I was reading an article on how to cut down on expenses, in one of the weekend issues of Time of India. The author talked at length about how you should shop fewer times in a month,… Continue Reading →

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