She felt as if death was crawling all over her, killing one tissue after another. Her limbs were giving up and she felt her neurons severed so that she could no longer twitch or move a finger. A cold grip held her. When she attempted to get up, something heavy sat on her chest, pinning her flat to the hardness under her.

She felt sedated. Or almost dead, she couldn’t tell. Her head felt heavy, as if someone had drilled a hole and filled it with water. Outside her house, the demon, unforgiving and invisible, but whose demonic claws found their way through the cracks of her door and gaps in her windows, pulled at her, making a thousand holes on her body. She couldn’t feel her skin, but under it she felt the probing hands of her nemesis.

She knew time was running out. Straining her senses hard she pictured herself…her legs unsteady, her mouth foaming and her hands doing weird back and forth movement. Her tongue out. Worse, she saw her disfigured face, her hair in knots, thick with clotted night. Very soon she would have something inedible thrust in her mouth that she would choke on. She shuddered and chill moved downward through her spinal joints.

She screamed a silent scream that rose in her throat and disappeared into the roof of her mouth.

The next moment, a flash of light almost blinded her and she saw her skin being ripped away from her body. Shivering in the cold that unabashedly poured in through a window wide open, she saw her blanket on the floor.

The vague figure in front of her resolved itself into her mother. “Enough of your sleep Mastani. Go, brush your teeth. Right now.” The figure ordered.

Mastani, who wanted to snuggle a little longer in her bed, got up, went to the wash basin, brushed her teeth and got ready for school.

Oops, this is the story of one Mastani. Bajirao Mastani has a slightly better story.

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