They ask you what made you make such a decision. Why a teacher when you can do ‘much better’? You have the answer, but you know in your heart it won’t satisfy them. You smile and stay silent.

They scramble to find the best schools to send their kids to, the ones with good teachers. Hah! You see the irony and stay silent. They tell you someone they know bought a luxury car. Someone bought a big house somewhere. They talk about achievements that have a price tag. You stay silent, because you don’t know if there is a scale to measure a student’s love.

This one day, you aren’t silent. Because this day, if not everyday, makes you realize the power you have within. The power to inspire lives. When someone who has sat through only ten of your classes tells you that you have changed her life. When someone whose face you don’t clearly remember because he didn’t speak much in the class, messages you that he is what he is, because of you. When the ones whose life you had made difficult become your biggest fans. When someone touches your feet in front of everyone and suddenly makes you feel awkward.

The corporate wants business leaders from B-schools. But a CEO or a VP won’t want his/her kid to be a teacher. Parents want the best teacher for their kids, but can’t let their kids become one. A society always gets what it deserves. Whether leaders or teachers. We want the best while staying out of it. Hah!

So take a minute and ask these question to yourself and to the ones you know.

Will you come back and rather teach when you think you are just too good for the corporate? Will you teach when you are the topper of your batch? Will you teach knowing fully well that your batch mates might earn five times as much? Will you take up teaching as your first option, and not last when you have tried everything else? Will you teach because you crave for respect more than money? Will you teach because it’s the only manufacturing where your product loves you back?

Will you teach to live, and not entirely to make a living? If yes, welcome to the club. You have already started to change lives.

Happy Teacher’s day!

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